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EctoFoam Tracheostomy

Product Description

EctoFoam – Tracheostomy dressings are composed of a soft, conformable, micro-porous, hydrophilic, polyurethane foam with a highly breathable polyurethane film backing and are designed for entry points such as tracheostomy tubes.

EctoFoam – Tracheostomy is designed to absorb large amounts of exudate. The wound contact layer of foam is hydrophilic, so absorbs exudate. The outer layer is hydrophobic, so fluid can’t leak, but vapour can escape. This creates and maintains a moist wound environment which promotes healing.

Key Features

  • Bacterial barrier
  • Maintains a moist wound healing environment
  • Gentle on the skin and painless on removal
  • Non adherent
  • Cost efficient
  • Waterproof

Pack Size

  • 14cm x 8cm (Box of 10)
  • 9.7cm x 8.2cm (Box of 10)
  • 6.5cm x 6.5cm (Box of 10)