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Product Description

EctoZorb is a multi-layered, exudate lock away, advanced dressing designed for quicker healing and superior wound management. The super-absorbent core held securely behind 3D conforming foam actively draws and locks away wound exudate at a comfortable rate whilst leaving the wound moist to allow optimal moist wound healing conditions.

Key Features

  • Maximum breathability and exudate absorption through its unique patterned silicone structure targeting greater draw of exudate to the wound centre encouraging healing from the outside in.
  • Secure fit to the body due to the engineered silicone border pattern while ensuring minimal pain on dressing removal
  • Contoured shape ensures a close fit to the wound and body making it comfortable to wear
  • Optimal control of exudate fluid handling properties provide
  • Lock-away core reduces potential leaks and risk of maceration even under pressure
  • Bacteria and shower proof breathable top film
  • Moist wound healing conditions promote quick healing
  • Multi-layer spreads any pressure and provides cushioning and protection of the wound

Pack Size

  • 10x10cm (Box of 10)
  • 15x15cm (Box of 10)
  • Sacral (Box of 10)